The Style and Code of Education

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tait coles @Totallywired77 - PuNk Learning

Education is like football.

People of differing opinions, philosophies and experience prefer the game to be played in different ways. But, there are two very important distinctions here: style and code.

Style, is the way it should be played. The differences in the style of football could be a dogged display of determination (think, long ball highly effective football, e.g. Stoke City) or a controlled exhibition of virtuosity (for example, watching a sublime performance from The Arsenal).

Opposing preferences of style can only be tested when there is a universal agreement about the code. The code is how the game should be played, for example Rugby Union, American Football, Australian Rules are different codes of football; they are different games, they have different rules.

There are equally significant differences between codes and styles in education. People of differing views prefer ‘the game’ to be played in different ways (style). While…

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